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If friendship is based on my weakness, how good is it. I’d rather have friends who are also strong,  kind, and caring.


Analyze This

When life gets hectic I analyze my thoughts because I recognize, whether good or bad, that is what my future looks like. To separate from present conditions change thoughts expressed by me AND toward me. And more binding than my associations with others. So take several breaks throughout the day to analyze thoughts.

Myself n I

i believe that the most beneficial of all healing is that of the mind.  Climbing mountains are more attainable at peace through understanding and loving myself first. No time for jealousy of another’s position in life. But strive for what’s within my own power and abilities will always make me a success.

What is the function of antioxidants?

  • Antioxidants help to reduce free radicals
  • offers detoxification for added protection from disease
  • enhances the immune system


The HPV and herpes virus insert themselves into DNA and can lie dormant for years and stay for life.  Also, the herpes virus has been found to spread to the genitalia through oral sex.