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If friendship is based on my weakness, how good is it. I’d rather have friends who are also strong,  kind, and caring.


When I allow others to control my life my future is in their hands. The past will not manage me because I live in the present.

Analyze This

When life gets hectic I analyze my thoughts because I recognize, whether good or bad, that is what my future looks like. To separate from present conditions change thoughts expressed by me AND toward me. And more binding than my associations with others. So take several breaks throughout the day to analyze thoughts.

My little light

Create and control your own mental thoughts and not let them control you. There is no limit to the power of thought and the more positive concentrated the mind is the more power surfaces through well-defined images. This little light of mine,  I’m gonna let it shine.


Where there’s a will there’s a way to achieve what is available for your enlightenment.

Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out because the only  place you find Success before Work is in the dictionary.

Wholistic Stability

Wholistic Stability encompasses physical and emotional contentment as:

  • Having stable, long-lasting friendships
  • Seldom criticizing others, however giving logical support for criticism when needed.
  • Comfortable in others company and don’t feel threatened
  • Display interest in understanding others strengths and weaknesses
  • Confident in ability to make decisions that stick until presented with more logical ways of performing
  • Search for correct answer to problem even when it disagrees with way one wants things to be
  • Honest