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When I allow others to control my life my future is in their hands. The past will not manage me because I live in the present.

Joy ride

Due to ups and downs of this life I’m living brings me to the belief that it is not intended to be solely a joy ride and physical or material abundance but one of learning through experience and talent. I have no desire to merely believe in the familiar but also what’s beyond understanding but observable.


Where there’s a will there’s a way to achieve what is available for your enlightenment.

Career smarts

List thoughts to consider for future endeavors then analyze which ones seem rational.  Blind perseverance is for fools–working harder than smarter.

monogamy sex

Some advisers suggest that couples get a good night’s sleep. Then upon awakening freshen up, have a snack to quiet the stomach, and then hop back under the covers.  That way neither is too tired,  loses interest halfway through, nor abruptly falls asleep.

What kids want

What we say to our children matters equally with what we do in their presence.  Someone said  that parents are children’s best social capital; I agree.  The blind is leading the blind in too many communities.  Peers are not equipped with all the answers.  Let’s not apply the weight to their young shoulders.  Teaching proper conduct is the job of parents.  Just Do It.

Safe Sex

Studies have found that young undergraduates do not consider the STD risk factors when deciding on whether or not to use condoms; but, instead, they merely consider how emotionally safe they feel in the company of a particular partner.