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Analyze This

When life gets hectic I analyze my thoughts because I recognize, whether good or bad, that is what my future looks like. To separate from present conditions change thoughts expressed by me AND toward me. And more binding than my associations with others. So take several breaks throughout the day to analyze thoughts.


Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.

appropriate goals

Inappropriate goals can sometimes be result of failure mechanisms:  insecurity, uncertainty, and resentment.  Inner inadequacies don’t meet challenges.  Criticizing self constantly due to setting impossible expectations.  Feelings of insecurity causes me to fall short of potential, indecisiveness due to fear of being wrong because I allow  wrong choices destroy idealized picture of myself; keeping me in fear of taking plunge.  Feel victim of injustice.  But errors in judgment may be unavoidable at times; and that goes for everyone.  There are no perfect people.  Therefore, see self at best and keep that picture upper-most in thoughts.


Quit it

I spend the majority of free thought time dwelling on successes.  The bad will continue to happen but I don’t allow those thoughts to take up residence there.  Hit it and quit it.



Some messages from very important people in our early life are not positive.  How I analyze those messages, what I was thinking within while digesting the messages, is what has built or prevented my self-esteem through my own programming process.  Self-esteem is almost universally required to achieve excellence.  And vision is the promise of what to one day achieve or become; yet I have no desire to be the richest person in the cemetery.


Best Critic

The easiest critic to find is a person who, without urging, volunteers to inform me that I can’t achieve something that I am attempting.  But there are no good uses for the word “can’t” in my world.  We never know what we can accomplish until we try.  Seize opportunities and ward off negativity through caliper of thinking while moving toward realistic desires by not wasting energy on yesterday.  I shine brightest when I have a good opinion of me and not seeking others to like me more than I like myself.



I can’t achieve what I’m not wired for.  New circuits form when I learn new knowledge.  Mentally rehearsing daily to sustain future me is my greatest ideal.