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Limiting me?

The only limitations to my mind are the ones I acknowledge. My dominating dream will become reality to a certain degree. Therefore the power of my dominating desire must be backed by unwavering faith. Plan definite paths to success and step over failures. See, feel, believe definite desire is already in possession.  Then soar.


Reality Therapy

Below is an excerpt from a research paper of mine on the Glasser form. He felt that it is a therapy that leads toward the successful grappling with the aspects of the real world called Reality Therapy. According to Glasser, those who apply for psychiatric treatment suffer from the basic inadequacy of being unable to fulfill their essential needs. He further states that at all times in our lives we must have at least one person who cares about us, preferably more than one, and for whom we care for ourselves. For without this essential person in our lives we would not be able to fulfill our basic needs. The only requirement for these persons is that we have a strong feeling of their existence and that they have an equally strong feeling of our existence and that they are in touch with reality and with the ability to fulfill their own needs.
I would have a real problem believing that my whole existence is dependent on someone else. Maybe I’m too independent. I’ll follow with more of this paper on my next blog. Comments are welcome.