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When I allow others to control my life my future is in their hands. The past will not manage me because I live in the present.

Joy ride

Due to ups and downs of this life I’m living brings me to the belief that it is not intended to be solely a joy ride and physical or material abundance but one of learning through experience and talent. I have no desire to merely believe in the familiar but also what’s beyond understanding but observable.

My little light

Create and control your own mental thoughts and not let them control you. There is no limit to the power of thought and the more positive concentrated the mind is the more power surfaces through well-defined images. This little light of mine,  I’m gonna let it shine.


Eating the wrong foods and also eating too quickly frequently causes acid indigestion, according to Richard Mabey (1988). He also suggests that herbs, eaten at the end of the meal, like fennel are better remedies for acid indigestion because they don’t secrete the amount of acid that various prescribed and over-the-counter antacids present.