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If friendship is based on my weakness, how good is it. I’d rather have friends who are also strong,  kind, and caring.


Joy ride

Due to ups and downs of this life I’m living brings me to the belief that it is not intended to be solely a joy ride and physical or material abundance but one of learning through experience and talent. I have no desire to merely believe in the familiar but also what’s beyond understanding but observable.

healthful moves

Daily stresses are far less damaging to the mind and body than the long-term blocked out events wrecking havoc.

know thyself

I need to know myself in order to manage my life successfully.  Self belief increases when I ask myself, not others, what I should do.


Present esteem is the accumulation of all thoughts and feelings that I have deposited in my memory bank since birth.

strength building

A dog knows when I’m afraid, a bully knows when I’m not.  A bully needs a show of strength to take pause.  But how about overpowering without force through mental judo.


According to Oxfam one-half of global wealth by the end of 2016 will be held by the richest one-percent.  That gives the other ninety-nine percent of us on the planet about one and one-half years to figure whose derriere we’ll be kissing or change the channel.