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Joy ride

Due to ups and downs of this life I’m living brings me to the belief that it is not intended to be solely a joy ride and physical or material abundance but one of learning through experience and talent. I have no desire to merely believe in the familiar but also what’s beyond understanding but observable.

Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.


There is no defeat until I have made it a part of my reality.  Plant in children’s minds the attitude of faith in self.

Public speaking

Sometimes to calm the butterflies, one can speak a bit louder, slightly more rapidly, hesitate at punctuation, with a smile in the voice. As calmness enters a more conversational tone can begin.  Emotions feelings and moods follow action.  To become an enthusiastic person/speaker, act the part.


A habit is an easy place to hide.  No success but avoidance of failure.  How about a goal:  Developing ability to play game of life without burning out.  Potential return reflects degree of risks.  The intensity dial is within my reach; what I make of it is up to me.

love me

Inferiority complexes are formed early through experience and misinformation.  Am I appraising others while blind to false beliefs I carry of self.  Am I considerate of others while being vindictive to myself; destroying my own aspirations.  Positive predisposition accelerates success.


My beliefs can pull me down into failure or they can lift me up into success.  Either direction is my call.