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See me

Most of us need honest, real relationships; one of our greatest hungers of life.  Adults change little from infancy in needs of acceptance, recognition, praise, warm welcome, friendly face to relieve loneliness; still need encouragement and notice.  Touch me, smile at me, text me stimulates me to achieve, grow, and progress through mutual trust.  But to the degree I give, I get.



Some may argue that only optimists can love what they are doing. Yet a devoted alcoholic is rather steadfast also. Either way I believe that life reflects my thoughts, beliefs, and enthusiasm. Doubting my beliefs builds restrictions around my dreams. I will dream my thoughts and live my dreams.

Limiting me?

The only limitations to my mind are the ones I acknowledge. My dominating dream will become reality to a certain degree. Therefore the power of my dominating desire must be backed by unwavering faith. Plan definite paths to success and step over failures. See, feel, believe definite desire is already in possession.  Then soar.

correct thinkers

Each of my actions taken in this game of life has its origin in a thought. Therefore, the totality of my actions is what has produced the person that I am today. And today’s thoughts will produce the person that I will evolve into tomorrow. The greatest power in my possession is the power to choose (not my electric company but thoughts). And if my thoughts are of positive outcomes then there’s no need to fight the feeling.

What are some alkaline forming foods?

Answer:  nearly all fresh fruits, vegetables, and legumes as butter beans and asparagus.

Daily food diary

Make a list of the daily intake of foodstuffs.  Pay particularly close attention to digestion and in your food diary, make a note of health concerns after intake of anything that causes sensitivities, headaches, or various other discomforts and bodily concerns.  The notes can be used for future reference in deciding what may need to be temporarily or permanently discontinued.  Knowing what was consumed on a particular day and of the outside stressors involved that could play a role in the development of dietary changes is helpful. Many experts are beginning to agree that cholesterol should not be considered as the only concern when treating heart disease.