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Analyze This

When life gets hectic I analyze my thoughts because I recognize, whether good or bad, that is what my future looks like. To separate from present conditions change thoughts expressed by me AND toward me. And more binding than my associations with others. So take several breaks throughout the day to analyze thoughts.

Joy ride

Due to ups and downs of this life I’m living brings me to the belief that it is not intended to be solely a joy ride and physical or material abundance but one of learning through experience and talent. I have no desire to merely believe in the familiar but also what’s beyond understanding but observable.

My little light

Create and control your own mental thoughts and not let them control you. There is no limit to the power of thought and the more positive concentrated the mind is the more power surfaces through well-defined images. This little light of mine,  I’m gonna let it shine.

Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out because the only  place you find Success before Work is in the dictionary.

santa claus mode

Staying in the Santa Claus mode of avoiding success enables me to return to protected childhood habits.  But at any moment I can choose to stop putting off things that could possibly bring me satisfaction and start me on my way to a desired goal.  I can ask myself what is the worse that could happen if I stopped putting my “IT” off.  Then apply a designated time to devote exclusively.


Success and procrastination are incompatible.  Wishing and hoping are waste of time.  My behavior is a better barometer of who I am than my words.  Critics are often non-doers because doing takes effort, risks, and change.  I avoid self-appointed critics and fault-finders like the plague.

Public speaking

Sometimes to calm the butterflies, one can speak a bit louder, slightly more rapidly, hesitate at punctuation, with a smile in the voice. As calmness enters a more conversational tone can begin.  Emotions feelings and moods follow action.  To become an enthusiastic person/speaker, act the part.