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Me talk

I build my own feelings of self-worth through positive self-talk. Life seems to flow a bit smoother when I’m dealing with people that display high self-esteem: open, honest, trusting, with mutual goals. No need to waste time yelling at children for exhibiting improper behavior. Instead, try waiting for and seeking preferred behavior to compliment.  Less stress experienced by all involved.



If friendship is based on my weakness, how good is it. I’d rather have friends who are also strong,  kind, and caring.


When I allow others to control my life my future is in their hands. The past will not manage me because I live in the present.


Where there’s a will there’s a way to achieve what is available for your enlightenment.

Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.

santa claus mode

Staying in the Santa Claus mode of avoiding success enables me to return to protected childhood habits.  But at any moment I can choose to stop putting off things that could possibly bring me satisfaction and start me on my way to a desired goal.  I can ask myself what is the worse that could happen if I stopped putting my “IT” off.  Then apply a designated time to devote exclusively.


Success and procrastination are incompatible.  Wishing and hoping are waste of time.  My behavior is a better barometer of who I am than my words.  Critics are often non-doers because doing takes effort, risks, and change.  I avoid self-appointed critics and fault-finders like the plague.