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Opinion Myths

When my self-respect depends on opinions of others, I am a slave to the myth. I will love self whether I sink or swim. I am proud of me due to my courage to go for it. The audience out there don’t measure my failure or my success, I do. Therefore, the only person I’m trying to impress is me. Waiting for respect from others is ridiculous. I play ultimately to audience of me and when I lose myself in the effort I know that I’m on the right track. Being aware that some days will be hard is okay because life without struggle is not reality. I term my success on courageously living each day to the max while being true to me.



When I allow others to control my life my future is in their hands. The past will not manage me because I live in the present.


Where there’s a will there’s a way to achieve what is available for your enlightenment.


Best Works

Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.


living effectively

People who love self do not hurt self.  They think of self as too significant to live with anxiety of self-hatred.  Being orphaned at age two it has taken many years for me to arrive at this space of self-satisfaction; but damn does it feel good to tackle fear of living effectively.  I’ve made many neurotic choices by believing I’m not strong.  It’s not the excellent performing but simply the doing itself that’s far more important.  Write contracts to self and add penalties for default.  I am my best friend because I like me.


appropriate goals

Inappropriate goals can sometimes be result of failure mechanisms:  insecurity, uncertainty, and resentment.  Inner inadequacies don’t meet challenges.  Criticizing self constantly due to setting impossible expectations.  Feelings of insecurity causes me to fall short of potential, indecisiveness due to fear of being wrong because I allow  wrong choices destroy idealized picture of myself; keeping me in fear of taking plunge.  Feel victim of injustice.  But errors in judgment may be unavoidable at times; and that goes for everyone.  There are no perfect people.  Therefore, see self at best and keep that picture upper-most in thoughts.


love me

Inferiority complexes are formed early through experience and misinformation.  Am I appraising others while blind to false beliefs I carry of self.  Am I considerate of others while being vindictive to myself; destroying my own aspirations.  Positive predisposition accelerates success.