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The world seems to be closing in on Evian after blowing the whistle to the EPA regarding environmental indiscretions of her petroleum industry company.  Besides being tossed out of the West African country of the reported corruption, she arrives home to find that the petrol squad has made good on their threats by attempting to kidnap her fourteen-year-old daughter.  In the middle of the night, she and family have to still away in the midst of gunfire to a place she has heard only negative comments about from her husband in Warren County Mississippi.  The family is in for southern hospitality at its best, worst, and a few unexpected surprises along the way as they experience the travails of GREEN ACHERS. 

ISBN: 978-1-63263-518-1   (Also available on CREATESPACE.COM)


IN the MATTER of TWO MEN examines the integrity of individuals connecting to evaluate an awkward situation.  Traquinna is a newlywed living a lifestyle that she thought was reserved only for the rich and famous.  New evidence in a capital punishment post-conviction, however, has surfaced revealing the depths some have resorted to in preventing secrets from coming to light.  Yet truth crushed to earth will rise again.  And that resurrection comes from a dying bed confession.  This time around though Traquinna will conduct her own analysis of:  botched crime lab evidence, wrong murder weapon, questionable expert trial witnesses, and involvement of her father, mother, and new husband.  ISBN: 0-7414-5718-0


STILL HERE: THE DEBT is about family communication.  Sergio thinks he is doing a good cover-up of his alcoholism issues that resurfaced after his dot-com enterprise folded; as his wife contemplates her options of another pregnancy while being downsized from Corporate America.  Their daughter (age 9) is single-handedly attempting to bust a neighborhood pedophile; as the son (age 17) has secretly resigned from his school soccer team—a costly mistake.  The clincher is Sergio’s mother; who did she contract AIDS from?  Her prayer partner, Reverend Gillespie, perhaps?  While her convalescing husband comes to grips with this devastating revelation, communication is the missing link that could unlock the proverbial door if it isn’t too late for this family. ISBN 1-59800-466-2


Author Dhae Walpoole weaves a spellbinding tale centered around the life of a legendary figure in African history in her historical work, “The Lady King: Njinga Mbandea novel.  We find ourselves journeying back to 17th century Africa, where Njinga Mbande is in a war that, as a woman, logic would suggest she cannot win.  Although she lives in a time and place where it is not at all common for a female to lead a large and powerful army, she remains determined to emerge victorious no matter the cost and is undaunted by her enemies’ apparent advantage of superior weaponry.  A crusader for freedom, she faces the task of uniting her people to defend their land against those who would see it destroyed.  A female leading a powerful army had not been heard of by the Portuguese.  She was well-known for her lightning speed and surprise attacks and responsible for whole companies rebelling and deserting to her side, bringing the enemy’s superior weapons and ammo along with them.  She was also instrumental in persuading some vassal rulers to revolt and unite with her cause of endeavoring to prevent total destruction of their territory.  And her coalition with the Dutch from 1641 to 1648 is believed to be the first African-European alliance against another European aggressor.  ISBN: 978-1-60264-782-4


Being a behavioral scientist Dhae Walpoole easily finds something of interest in everything and everyone.  Some of her favorite hobbies include abstract painting, organic gardening, nutrient fitness, and teaching tai chi.  She mentors young people in the juvenile probation department.  And when time permits she writes and travels with her family.