The dictionary definition of imitate is to copy behavior or actions of; not original.

With that in mind I’d like to suggests that stuck on stupid people are finding it hard to accept scenes in entertainment media as not real.  For instance, walking in the middle of the street as in movies like “Silver Lining” or “American Beauty” are not to be imitated.  If one was to click over to the “bonus features” one could see that the street, in both directions, has been closed off to allow the characters to take a safe stroll. Therefore, don’t assume that in the real world, when a car rolls up behind, a director out of the blue is going to say “cut” in order to prevent you from ending up a greasy spot.

As Mom’s Mabley so aptly expressed in one of her monologues: “stop telling children to watch the lights.  Lights haven’t ever killed anybody.  Watch the cars.”  And stay your behind on the sidewalk (whether you are wearing rubber bombers or not.  Either that or your family should keep you locked in the basement during rush hour.