I know this has been ongoing for a while now. But I’m almost finished but wanted to set up for looking at various therapies. Not any will work all the time and some seldom work.
Any way Glasser argues that Therapy attempts to accomplish what should have been established during normal growth. Reality Therapy includes three separate procedures. First, and usually the most difficult phase, is helping the patient to face reality and recognize that his behavior is unrealistic. Second, is the rejection of the behavior but acceptance of the patient. Last, is the teaching of better ways to fulfill within the confines of reality. He further states that, unless requisite involvement exists between the therapist and the patient, therapy is not possible.
Reality Therapy lends more concern toward behavior than attitudes. If the patient wishes to argue his view, we should discuss his opinion but emphasize that the main interest is the behavior and not the attitude. Waiting for a behavior to change stalls therapy, but changing behavior quickly leads to a changed attitude. For example, Blacks fighting for civil rights would wait forever for the power structure to change their attitude.
Additionally, according to Glasser, the patient not the therapist must decide whether their behavior is irresponsible. If he thinks that he cannot help it no therapy is possible. Here, again, I take issue to the author’s analysis. The patient may not know of another behavior to replace the present one. Therefore, to say that therapy is not possible is not a positive step in getting the patient to institute a better behavior pattern.