Winner in Me

Lonely people lose clear thinking abilities due to being preoccupied with self-loathing.  Thinking like a loser prevents realistically wining like a winner.



I pledge to never look down on anyone unless I’m helping them up.

Being Well

I reflect often on life in order to know me because not realizing what’s best for my well being prevents my being from being well.


Anger should not be ignored or buried but may need to stay dormant until I can put the cause in its proper perspective.  Delayed response allows for better solutions minus negative emotions.  Fighting fire with fire destroy the forest.

Peek to Peak

If you can see (and are effected by) the obstacles, you’ve removed your thoughts from the goal/desire.  Reboot!


Positive mental attitudes encourage the mind to create positive thoughts.  Stop reinforcing negative beliefs. Nearly 100% drug addicts view life from a negative perspective.

My Call

Because I contribute to my fate, I’m partially responsible for life problems and have some control over consequences.